Sorry, но так не работает. Зайди с телефона.

Îmi pare rău, dar asta nu funcționează. Conectați-vă de pe telefon.

Sorry, but that doesn't work. Log in from your phone.

Вибач, але так не працює. Зайди з телефону.


Sorry, but it just worked fine. Turn your phone over.

* if you have a phone from 2002,
you must have come here by accident.


I'm a Girl and I don't want to pay.
How to get in the club?

  1. Write to our manager on Whatsapp, ask for the latest poster, send a screenshot of your instagram account.
  2. Post a story on Instagram with our hashtag @hypewithus
  3. Congratulations, you're on the list. Let security know your name when you log in. Be sure to show the story from your personal account. And remember, you have 24 hours to do everything.

Let’s party tonight 🍾🍾🍾

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